Places to Stay

The great thing about Tulum is that you can do it as inexpensive or as luxury as fits your budget. We've included some options below that cover the price spectrum. Feel free to get in touch with us directly if you'd like additional information or other specific recommendations! 



We stayed at Zamas last June and LOVED it! It is also one of the most inexpensive spots in Tulum. The photo on the homepage of this site was taken from our bedroom window at Zamas :) 


Ana Y Jose Charming Hotel

Ana Y Jose Charming Hotel

Ana y Jose is one of the higher-end hotels in Tulum, but you can get a pretty good deal on rooms right now. They also have a very well-reviewed spa! 

Be Tulum

Be Tulum

The beach in front of Be Tulum is absolutely amazing. The food here is delicious, and each room has its own personal pool. For those who have been saving for a luxury vacation - this is the spot!  

Other places that have been recommended to us: 

Playa Azul - recommended by our wedding coordinator. She said it has a great range of prices. 

Cabanas Tulum - recommended by our wedding coordinator. 

The Beach - recommended by our wedding coordinator. 

Papaya Playa - we spent some time here last June. They have amazing food and drinks, a beautiful view, and a wide range of prices. Probably some of the most inexpensive rates in Tulum ranging up to the more expensive. 

There are also beach houses that you can rent, if you'd like to go in on a house with a group: 

Tulum Beach House

Rancho San Eric