Hello friends,

Here is a bit more information about our upcoming wedding in Tulum, where we'll be staying, how long we'll be there, etc. We also wanted to share a range of different options of places to stay, from the very cheap, to the very high-end. 

We will be flying in on Thursday, May 29th and leaving on Saturday, June 7th. Our flight information is below. If any of you would like to fly in at the same time, we'd be happy to caravan down (our car might be full). We will most likely be staying at The Beach (although we are still not fully decided). With regards to traveling from Cancun to Tulum, check out our "getting there" page for details. Please also visit our RSVP page if you know for sure that you will be attending.

Here is a map of Tulum -- it doesn't include every hotel, but just so you can get a sense, we will most likely be staying near the dot that says Cabanas Tulum. We would strongly encourage you to stay in the Tulum Playa hotel zone (also called "Tulum Beach") rather than Tulum Pueblo or anywhere closer to the Tulum ruins (Soliman Beach, etc.). The Pueblo is fine, but it's about 10-15 minutes from the beach and hotel zone by car, and you'll want to be closer. The beach area towards the Tulum ruins is very nice, but it won't be walking distance from the wedding and it is far from the main area that everyone will be staying.

Our flight info: 

American Airlines
Arrival: Flight 1671, arrives at Cancun 2:55pm on 5/29
Departure: Flight 1671, departs Cancun at 4pm on 6/7

Here are some mid-range to high-end options in the area: 

The Beach Tulum (we might stay here)
Ana y Jose
Be Tulum
Coqui Coqui
Playa Azul (has a range of prices)
Cabanas Tulum
Maya Tulum (wellness and yoga retreat)


Here are some of the more inexpensive hotel options that we've found in the area. 

Hotel Parayso - cheapest option we've found
Zamas - we stayed here last June. It was lovely - but the beach is very seaweed-filled in this area. 
Posada Dos Ceibas
Hotel Playa Kin-Ha - Our ceremony will be held here. Second cheapest option. From what I read, the rooms are very basic and simple, but there are very few complaints.
Papaya Playa - This place is lovely and has delicious food and drinks. It has a wide range of prices from expensive and space to very cheap with shared bathrooms.
Las Palmas Maya


Here are some nice options for groups, if you're interested in getting a house as a group: 

Rancho San Eric

We eyeballed the restaurant on this property for our wedding. The beach in this area will be very secluded and gorgeous -- basically like your own private beach. We are in touch with the couple that manages these properties, so let us know if you're interested in staying here.

  • Casa Blanca - sleeps six people, $420/night
  • Casa Sarah - sleeps six people, $480/night
  • Casa Chachalaca - sleeps four people, $295/night
  • Casa Chic - sleeps ten people, $7,000 per week
  • There are also studios and smaller places to sleep couples for around $150/night.


El Pez Beach House

  • Can be rented as a full beach house, with five bedrooms, or broken down to a three-bedroom, or even rented as single rooms I think. 

There are also homes within the Sian Ka'an bio-reserve - but you'll def want to rent a car (and probably a 4WD) if you stay in one of those.

AuthorBryan Nunez